3 Ways You Can Take Back Time with Smart Entrance Controls

Smart Access Controls, like mobile credentials or video intercoms, take on entrance managementWoman with luxe handbag using mobile credentials so property managers can focus on running a thriving multifamily community, instead of running around to let people who need to enter the property in.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • What is door management?
  • Why do I need smart access controls?
  • How can I gradually transition to smart access controls?


Entrance Management Is How You Control Who Comes In

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Of the many jobs property managers and owners do to run their properties, door management has often been an invisible task. Something you do without really noticing how much time it takes. But the rise of online shopping and delivery that started during the pandemic changed everything.

Now, you have to manage e-commerce package deliveries, food deliveries, and online service professionals your renters hire for things like furniture assembly or picture hanging, for example. Of course, you need to let even more people in for maintenance, repair, or property improvements like landscaping. Door management is a thing. And it takes a lot of your time.


Smart Entrance Control Manage Doors and Gates

LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom streamlines deliveries

Now that door management is a big, time-eating thing, here’s what we hear from property owners and managers who want to automate door management.

  • I need a way to manage all common entrances in a single system because I’m responsible for the safety and security of the building and the people in it.
  • I need a way to let maintenance and service people in at specific times with temporary or recurring guest passes that don’t require my presence onsite.
  • I need a way to identify and document culprits who vandalize or are a nuisance at entrances. Otherwise, the damage comes out of our budget.


 LiftMaster’s Complete Entrance Control Solution

for Properties of Every Size

But you don’t have to invest in or migrate to a brand-new video intercom access control system all at once. Take small, affordable steps that take you out of the door management business and into cloud-based entrance control that doesn’t require your physical presence onsite to let people in.

When you pair myQ Community with a Smart Reader and a 2-Door Controller, you can introduce super-secure mobile credentials, replacing physical keys and fobs that can be easily copied, posing a security risk. Using the myQ Community dashboard, you can manage doors and grant access remotely from your laptop or tablet. And that saves you time that can be better spent retaining residents and attracting new ones.



Smartphone as a key using mobile credentials

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about learning how to use my Community on your own. Our customer success team sets up everything for you, importing your residents’ data, and world-class training. Here’s the best part. Our service team is available to answer your questions for as long as you have myQ Community.


The Top Three Ways Smart Access Controls Help Property Owners and Managers Take Back Time

You’ve been waiting for it. So, here it is. The top three ways you can take back time with LiftMaster Smart Access Controls.

  1. Take back time not managing physical keys, keeping track of them, replacing lost keys, and recovering keys during resident changeovers.
  2. Take back time by granting access to the many people who need to enter your property remotely with temporary or recurring digital access passes.
  3. Take back time, enabling residents to use their smartphones as a key. You’ll get a better night’s sleep not responding to locked-out calls. But if a resident has misplaced their phone, you can also send a one-time access code to let them in remotely. Then, roll over, get a good night’s sleep, and start the next day ready to care for your residents and keep the property safe. All because you’re no longer in the door management business.

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