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Author: Sherry Johnson, Sr. Product Manager, LiftMaster Access Control Accessories Follow Sherry on LinkedIn 

How Mobile Credentials Help Property Managers Improve Business Operations 

The LiftMaster experience for mobile credentials uses our myQ Community app to enable a unique, secure credential within a person’s smartphone. The hardware, Bluetooth Icon either a smart reader or a smart video intercom, can communicate directly with a person’s smartphone, using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) that works for iOS and Android. Here’s the best part. Mobile credentials enable keyless entry management for property managers and keyless entry for residents. 


5 Ways Mobile Credentials Help Multifamily Property Managers Improve Business Operations 


Managers with two or more properties run have more complex business operations but the manual process of issuing and recovering keys is falling out of favor. Silver keys dangling from door lock
For example, I’ve seen the miniature manilla envelopes many managers use to keep their keys in. This leads me to believe that this old-school way of managing resident changeover is more than time-consuming and inefficient. It’s also a big security risk. 


Anyone could easily copy a key without the manager’s knowledge. Residents could share their PIN code with friends, introducing a risk factor, and fobs (like keys) can also be lost or stolen, leaving properties vulnerable to break-ins. 
myQ Community resident using mobile credentials
But mobile credentials are super-secure because they cannot be copied or shared. So, only authorized users can enter the property. And, if needed, the manager could easily revoke access from the convenience of their laptop or tablet using the myQ Community cloud dashboard.



Property managers live in a perpetual state of multi-tasking, responding to residents, service providers, maintenance workers, and more. So, don’t discount the value of stress-reducing convenience.
With mobile credentials, community managers don’t have to manage keys or pin codes. Instead, they can easily grant remote access to any of their properties. This is especially helpful when you have last-minute bookings or need to give access to maintenance workers unexpectedly.  myQ Community resident using mobile credentials
You also save time, ending the after-hours calls from locked-out tenants that disrupt your personal and family time. You may not have the superpower to be everywhere all at once. But with mobile credentials, you can grant access from anywhere at any time as often as you need—with ease and without friction. 


Cost Reduction  

Let’s talk about the cost of old-fashioned key management. Property managers who transition to mobile credentials are saving both time and money. Here are just a few of the costs that go away. Woman with luxe handbag using mobile credentials
  • Save money by ending the replacement of keys and fobs. Considering that three annual rekeys of locks can add up to about $450.00 a year it’s a significant saving. 
  • Lower fuel costs by not driving to and from your properties whenever someone needs access. 
  • Spend less on coffee to get you going in the morning. That’s because you’ve slept through the night with the peace of mind that your properties are secure and that residents can let themselves in using their smartphones as keys.  

Increase Revenue 

Multifamily managers who want to attract and keep today’s renters must offer the digital amenities this generation expects. This includes mobile access credentials , smartphone apps for guest management, and keyless entry. Let’s look at the numbers. 

African-American couple with dog in apartment61% of Gen Y respondents to Schlage’s Industry Insight Survey are more likely to rent a unit because of electronic access such as keyless entry. Two male and two female Gen Y/Gen Z people


63% of Gen Y would move out due to a lack of security. 

Young Asian man and woman laughing and browsing digital devices while sitting on floor in new flat

And 1 in 4 residents would pay over $30.00 a month to get the high-tech apartment they want, according to the survey What Apartment Renters Actually Value.  That adds up to $360.00 more per year per unit. Let’s say you have 50 units; that’s an added $18.000.00 yearly rental income.  
So, the relationship between mobile credentials and the convenience that today’s renters want is an opportunity for property managers to increase their rent and still attract high-value, long-term residents. 

Increase Net Operating Income 

Image of stack of quartersLet’s talk about increasing net operating income with mobile credentials. Net operating income, or NOI, is important for buying a property and setting its budget. It’s also a great benchmark for the profitability of each property in your portfolio. Property managers can improve their NOI in two ways. 
  • Increase revenue 
  • Decrease operating costs 
To increase revenue, a manager can either increase the rent they charge, reduce their vacancy rate, or combine both. To decrease operating costs, you need to improve efficiency. 
One of the ways the government incentivizes real estate investments is by offering tax deductions for many of the expenses associated with running a rental property. In some cases, properties can deduct the full cost of an investment made in your rental units simultaneously rather than depreciating the asset over time. These are called Section 179 deductions and include purchases of equipment, vehicles, and smart access control technology within certain price thresholds.  
Work with your tax advisor to choose the best path for your financial situation and goals. And don’t forget that you can write off your myQ Community subscription as an operating expense. 
Property owner or leasing agent showing apartment to a Caucasian couple.There’s never been a better time to invest in mobile credentials. You’ll improve your property and attract today’s renters. Because 25% of renters surveyed said they would pay more in rent for smart technology that makes them feel safe. And if you’d like to attract high-paying tenants, then mobile credentials are a no-brainer, right?  


About the author: Sherry Johnson, Sr. Product Manager, LiftMaster Access Control Accessories, is  responsible for the growth and awareness of Community Connectivity Solutions and Accessories Products. Sherry holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from Michigan Technological University. Prior to her current role, she was a Sr.  Marketing Product Manager, Radio Control Sales Manager, and Business Development Manager with LiftMaster.


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