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Smart Elevators Start with Smart Controllers

Your elevator goes up. It comes down. But now you can control who gets in. Smart, right? Give your residents an extra layer of feel-safe security with the myQ Community app that residents can use to control who can come up to their floor.

What’s a Smart Controller Have to Do with Elevator Access Control?

Powered by the cloud-based myQ Community®, the two-door Smart Controller does precisely what it says. It controls access for up to two doors (like an elevator or two).

Unlike complicated floor-by-floor elevator controls that cost big bucks, it’s super simple to install a Smart Access 2-door controller to restrict access to the lobby call button.

Want to control entry to even more doors? Like a package room or a community room? Just add another LiftMaster® Smart Access 2-Door Controller. Property managers can use the Smart Controller independently or as part of a complete system for community-wide entry control.  Learn more.

What You Need to Know to Attract Residents On the Go

If your community doesn’t support smart technology, you’re missing out. Today’s Gen Z renters are driving the demand for a new amenity in rental properties.Four Gen Z friends The pool is nice. A gym is good. But high-speed internet and pre-installed Wi-Fi are in demand.

It’s time to get your smart technology game plan going. Here’s the 1, 2, and 3 of what today’s renters value.

  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Convenience

It’s no surprise then, that resident’s #1 smart tech amenity is a video intercom. Here’s what residents love.

  • Convenient access control smartphone app
  • Remote access management for guests and deliveries
  • Residents can see and speak with the person at the door, even when away from home

Young Caucasian woman looking at tablet.

Community managers value the time-saving convenience of a smart video intercom because they can:

  • Provide access remotely with the click of a button
  • Integrate with your existing property management system
  • Monitor security for one or many properties 24/7 from anywhere with your laptop or tablet
  • Review video logs to check access point activity
  • Get real-time customized notifications, such as door ajar, permission denied, and the built-in video captures of abusive use of the intercom

Here’s what your future residents value.

75% of today’s renters rated the safety of the building and neighborhood as important.
1 in 5 residents under the age of 40, report feeling unsafe around their community property.
1 in 4 residents would pay over $30.00 a month more to get the hi-tech apartment they want.
91% of apartment residents say high-speed internet is an important factor when considering an apartment.
75% of Gen Z apartment residents said that Wi-Fi should be pre-installed.
60% of residents felt that community Wi-Fi was an important amenity.

Here’s your big takeaway.

Automate entry management for your property and give residents the smart video intercoms they want — and are willing to pay more to get.

Source: New Study Reveals What Millennials Renters Want Source: What Apartment Renters Value Source: Rent Cafe

Learn how to streamline your access management.

Did Package Delivery Problems Take the Happy Out of the Holidays?

Holiday packages at front door

Did your multi-family community have holiday packages piled up in the all-access entryway? Let’s hope that a package pirate disguised as Santa didn’t take the merry out of your residents’ Christmas by helping themselves to unsecured deliveries. If your property experienced package theft during the peak holiday season, it’s a new year and you have the power to prevent package theft from happening again.

How to Prevent Package Theft 

Watch video

If your property doesn’t have a package room find a dedicated space with a door that can be locked. Install a Smart 2-Door Controller to control entry and subscribe to the myQ Community cloud platform. It’s an easy way to automate access control for managers while giving residents the frictionless smartphone entry experiences they want.

For example, using the myQ Community smartphone app, residents can send delivery drivers a guest pass that is active for a limited time, expiring after use, or after a preset time has passed. Whether it’s a new cat bed from Amazon, dinner from Uber Eats or a Friday night pizza pie, residents get their packages delivered safely — even when they’re away from home.

So, here’s to a new year of happy residents who will love the convenience of their smartphone app to manage who and what needs to get in. Get details here.

An access control comic just for you.

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