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January 3, 2023

Smart Video Intercoms Automate Property Access Management Tasks


Managing safe and secure access to your community or apartment building is a full-time job.  If your investment property is a side hustle, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to manage guests, deliveries, and tradespeople.



LiftMaster powered by myQ Video Intercom - S.The solution to repetitive access control management tasks is a smart video intercom access control system. It eliminates repetitive, manual tasks that require your presence onsite. And a smart video intercom automates your workflow processes, as it delivers the smart tech amenities that residents want and are willing to pay more to get.


5 ways to Make Your Property Management Easier

#1 Resident Data

Building owners who rely on spreadsheets and manual entry of resident data are wasting valuable time. As the information needs to be updated often, the likelihood of introducing errors is high.

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Accurate information is what you need when assessing whether a potential renter would be a good resident.

Automate the management of resident data by entering the information into your access control system software just once. Then, edit from the convenience of an access control dashboard on your computer, laptop, or tablet. Or, if you use prop tech software like Yardi, RealPage, Entrata, or others, you can import your resident information with just a few keystrokes. You can also easily remove residents from the system and cancel their access credentials.

#2 Resident Onboarding

It’s great to keep your property fully occupied. But community managers or building owners who onboard new residents entirely onsite are engaging in a time-intensive process. With an access control system and companion cloud software, you can be anywhere and add or remove resident credentials from the system remotely. You can even assign access to specific entrances, check guest requests for entry, and take control of who comes into your building.

#3 Resident Smartphone Entry App

Today’s renters expect modern convenience in the form of smart thermostats, appliances, and smartphone apps that simplify their lives, including an app for keyless entry and guest management. When you automate access management for your residents, you’re giving them the flexibility to control who can enter their apartment with recurring guest passes for friends and family or one-time passes for delivery drivers or takeout food drop-offs. And residents can manage access remotely from wherever they happen to be. Also, when your residents have their hands full of grocery bags, they can ask Siri to open the door. Watch the video. 

Keep in mind that 1 in 4 Gen Z renters would pay over $31.00 a month more to get the high-tech apartment amenities they want.

#4 Building Security

Responsible property owners are concerned about the safety of their residents and the protection of the property itself. Now, owners and managers can worry less and automate more with a video intercom access control system. Get real-time notifications and alerts about issues at an entrance, such as door ajar or repeated attempts to enter with outdated credentials. While you’re chillin’ in your PJs you can get remote diagnostics that address potential system issues before your residents even know about it.  And with a stunning HD video camera that captures every entry event, you can check the video log to see what’s happening at the building entrance — day and night, even offsite.

#5 Emergency Unlock

The best access control systems also help in the event of an emergency. An emergency unlock feature that automatically opens all doors in the common areas of the building will ensure that residents can safely exit the building. When your access control hardware is connected to its companion cloud software, you can do a global unlock without being anywhere near your property. It’s just one more way that a cloud-based access control system can automate access management processes for community managers and busy building owners who are creating their very own investment property empires.



Smart Access Controls Family of Products

LiftMaster high-tech access control systems have everything you need to need to personalize entry management for your property. From smart video intercoms to smart hubs (perfect for retrofits), card readers and door controllers, our built-to-last products provide the perfect access control solution for every budget and type of building.

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