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Your elevator goes up. It comes down. But now you can control who gets in. Smart, right? Give your residents an extra layer of feel-safe security with the myQ Community app that residents can use to control who can come up to their floor.

Smart Elevators Start with Smart Controllers

What’s a Smart Controller Have to Do with Elevator Access Control?

Powered by the cloud-based myQ Community®, the two-door Smart Controller does precisely what it says. It controls access for up to two doors (like an elevator or two).

Unlike complicated floor-by-floor elevator controls that cost big bucks, it’s super simple to install a Smart Access 2-door controller to restrict access to the lobby call button.

Want to control entry to even more doors? Like a package room or a community room? Just add another LiftMaster® Smart Access 2-Door Controller. Property managers can use the Smart Controller independently or as part of a complete system for community-wide entry control.  Learn more.

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