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With the flexibility of the myQ Community cloud, access control is about letting the right people in, at the right time, from anywhere. Modern building entrance with LiftMaster Smart Video IntercomThe ability to control door entry is a fundamental part of a community’s overall security solution. Initially, access control was driven by the need to safeguard the front door, to keep bad actors out. Now, property owners and community managers want to manage access control conveniently on their own terms, as it works best for their schedule.

Installing dealers work directly with property managers, recommending access control solutions from a manufacturer like LiftMaster. Yes, we open garage doors for about 50 million households. But we’ve also been manufacturing access control technology since the 1990s, helping our installing dealers serve their community manager and single-family gated home customers.

But in today’s cloud and smartphone app-driven world, systems integrators are no longer selling an access control solution. You’re selling an experience. And the experience is all about the ease of automated processes, and the flexibility to manage access control on their own terms without being tied to the property. Let’s talk about the top three challenges property managers face, and how they are an opportunity for you to increase recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

The Value of Convenience

Online shopping and services accelerated rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to grow. As an installing dealer, you can help community managers check all common access points using the myQ Community cloud dashboard. This is important because managers are responsible for the safety and security of their community. And they need a way to proactively allow visitors access during specific times.

You can give these multi-tasking, project-juggling managers the convenience they need and the security they must have. You can also provide them with the freedom to grant access remotely while keeping an eye on building entrances with a video log of access events. Any attempt to vandalize a LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom starts a video capture of the culprit. This indemnifies the property so that the damage doesn’t come out of the manager’s budget. And it’s a great value proposition when you’re in front of a customer.

The Freedom from Repetitive Manual Tasks

In addition to convenience, the personalized access control solution you deliver has an often undersold value. That’s the ability to give time back to busy community managers and property owners. If your customers are using spreadsheets to track resident changeovers, that’s a repetitive task that soaks up time like a donut in black coffee. And what about the wall of Post-it notes that serve as reminders to recover keys, re-key locks, and get new keys into the hands of new residents?

You can help your property manager customers retire the spreadsheets and the Post-it notes. Everything a manager needs to efficiently control property access lives in the myQ Community cloud. The convenience of a cloud-connected experience is that everything, including resident credentials, is securely stored and easily accessible through the manager’s dashboard. And myQ Community connects to your customer’s property management software, ending redundant and error-prone manual entry of resident information. When you help a customer migrate to the myQ Community access control ecosystem, you simplify a manager’s multi-tasking, project-juggling workday. And this helps them focus on the most important thing, creating a safe and secure community that residents will love and never want to leave.

Best of all, you can end the stress of manual access management and give your customers the convenience and simplicity they crave.


The LiftMaster Complete Access Control solution gives installing dealers the flexible product configuration options they

Whether you’re serving a small property with less than 10 units, a mid-rise with 50 units, or a gated community with a few hundred homes, you can deliver the security solution your customers need. That solution might include a smart video intercom, a gate operator, a garage door opener, a two-door controller, or another configuration based on specific needs. All of which are connected to and powered by the myQ Community cloud.

LiftMaster Solutions You and Your Customers Will Love

Smart Video Intercoms, powered by myQ cloud software, provide secure, convenient access to your property with connected, scalable solutions.

LiftMaster powered by myQ Video Intercom - S.

Smart Controllers provide credentialed access control at entrances that don’t need a video intercom. It’s perfect for package and laundry rooms and amenity areas like the gym or pool. And you can connect it to existing wired systems.

LiftMaster Smart Access Hub

Gate Operators are durable and reliable with smooth start and stop actions. They work with the myQ Community cloud platform, reducing the cost of trenching and running electrical conduit. Plus, you get diagnostic alerts to simplify troubleshooting.

myQ Mobile Credentials empower residents to use their smartphone as a super-secure key from the front entrance to common amenity spaces, like the gym, mailroom, and even elevators and garages. And the myQ app makes it simple for residents to send guest passes that let visitors and deliveries in remotely.

myQ Community resident using mobile credentials

Managers can manage access from anywhere at any time.

  • Add, update, and revoke residents’ access privileges
  • Assign groups, schedules, and zones to provide role-based access
  • Provide access remotely with the click of a button
  • Integrate with an existing property management system
  • Monitor a property, or multiple properties, remotely from anywhere with a laptop or tablet

Residents are willing to pay more than $30.00 a month for technology features they value.

  • Keyless entry
  • Smartphone app to manage guest entry remotely
  • Ability to see who’s at the door and talk with them remotely before opening the door
  • Camera at the entrance or around the property

Grow Your Business with Complete and Completely Flexible Access Control Solutions

myQ Community connects LiftMaster’s complete line of access control products to the cloud so you can offer your clients a solution built for today’s smartphone and app-driven world.

When you partner with LiftMaster, you can assemble the best solution for your customers, choosing from LiftMaster’s Complete Access Control Family of Products. Here’s what’s in it for you.

Save Time and Money on Installation

Wireless connectivity between LiftMaster Smart Video Intercoms and Gate Operators means you could save anywhere from $13 to $22 per linear foot on trenching and running electrical conduit.

Assured Compatibility

When you use LiftMaster products, you know you’re getting products made to work together. That adds up to easier solution design, quicker installations, super-simple integration, and much less troubleshooting.

One Contact for Support

LiftMaster is committed to your success, providing a dedicated team that includes Customer Support, Product Training, and Business Development reps to help your projects succeed. Save time and lose the back and forth between multiple access control manufacturers.

Revenue Potential

Earn more with each project by selling myQ Community software and services. Price these services into your maintenance contract and generate recurring revenue for long-lifecycle products.

Efficient Troubleshooting and Staffing

LiftMaster is the ONLY manufacturer that communicates wirelessly between Gate Operators and Smart Video intercoms. And you get visibility into potential problems with more than 80 notifications from myQ Community so you can send the best technician for the job and the right components for the repair.

Here’s the payoff.  You’ve become more than a solution provider. You’ve become a trusted advisor worthy of a continuing relationship. And that’s what RMR is all about.

If you want help getting started or want to learn more about myQ Community smart access control systems, go here now!

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