Is Your Property Ready for Mobile Credentials?

The world of property management is rapidly evolving, and smart video intercoms, mobile access credentials, and keyless entry are at the forefront of this change. Community managers increasingly use mobile access credential technology to simplify granting property access. Here are five reasons community managers are introducing mobile credentials technology to their properties.

1. Increased Security

Mobile access credentials and keyless entry systems increase security for tenants and property managers. Property managers can use authentication technology to ensure only authorized personnel can access their properties. This added layer of security helps to protect against unauthorized entry and helps to ensure the safety of tenants and property managers alike.

2. Improved Efficiency

Mobile access credentials and keyless entry systems can drastically reduce the time it takes to grant access to a property. Community managers can save time and money by eliminating the need for physical keys. This added efficiency can help community managers streamline entry to their properties without compromising safety or security.

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3. Reduced Costs

Using mobile access credentials and keyless entry systems, community managers can reduce overhead costs. These systems end the need for physical keys, which can be costly to replace if they are lost or stolen. Additionally, these systems reduce the time it takes to grant access to a property, freeing busy managers to focus on more value-added work.

4. Enhanced Convenience


Mobile access credentials and keyless entry systems provide tenants and property managers the convenience they want. By ending the need for physical keys, tenants can easily enter any authorized door without carrying a physical key. Additionally, community managers can easily grant entry to residents and visitors from a single cloud dashboard, enabling the ability to work from anywhere. 

5.  Improved Visibility

Smart video intercom with smartphone access appMobile access credentials and keyless entry systems give community managers improved visibility into who is entering their properties. With systems like a smart video intercom, community managers can view a video log of all entry events. This added visibility can help ensure that only authorized people access the property, providing better security for tenants and property managers.

Mobile access credentials and keyless entry systems automate entrance control and revolutionize how multifamily properties can improve security, efficiency, convenience, and visibility into the many people who need property access.

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