The Top 6 Smart Video Intercom Features Property Owners and Managers Want

January 2, 2023

We asked property owners and managers which smart video intercom features they would most like to have. The pop-up survey was conducted with the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) on their website with participation by their members and website visitors

1. Keyless Entry

Almost 30% of the respondents said that keyless entry for residents was their top smart access control feature. That’s because the midnight calls from residents who’ve locked themselves out aren’t any fun. And it’s hard to be a myQ Community smartphone app people-pleasing community manager when you didn’t get enough sleep.

Plus, there’s an interesting crossover here. That’s because keyless entry is the number 2 smart tech amenity that hits all the sweet spots for today’s Gen Z renters. It’s frictionless, free of barriers, and convenient. Keep in mind that smart video intercoms enable the resident-facing apps that allow tenants to unlock their doors from their smartphone — or ask Siri to unlock the door for them.

2. See Video Footage of Access Entry Events

Over 20% of survey respondents cited the ability to see video clips of access entry events as the smart access control feature, they would most like to have. With the companion myQ Community cloud subscription, managers and owners can securely manage how and when residents and visitors access each entrance from the convenience of a tablet or laptop.

Plus, receive real-time notifications and benefit from remote diagnostics for detecting and addressing issues before your residents are even aware. ability to remotely manage and control entry for everything like package deliveries. Here’s a short video for ya.


3. Easy Installation with Limited Wiring

LiftMaster powered by myQ Video Intercom - S.Just under 20% of survey respondents cited the easy installation of smart video intercom technology with limited wiring and wi-fi capabilities: Modern video intercom systems don’t require hard wiring as telephone landlines once did. But they do require a high bandwidth fiber optic cable or a fast 4/5G cellular connection to the internet. Keep in mind that today’s renters grew up with smartphones and they consider community-wide wi-fi an essential amenity.


4. Ability to Manage Access Offsite

15% of our survey respondents said the ability to manage access control remotely was important to them. Here’s what they want to be able to do.

  • Provide access remotely with a mouse click.
  • Monitor a property, or multiple properties with your laptop or tablet remotely from anywhere
  • Assign groups, schedules, and zones to provide role-based access
  • Integrate with your existing property management system
  • Long distance monitoring of entrance access-point activity
  • Receive real-time customized notifications: door ajar, permission denied, expired code used, and many more


5. Automate Issuing and Revoking Resident Credentials

12% of survey respondents said that the ability to automate resident credentials was their must-have feature. Instead of schlepping to the residents’ building to add or delete tenants from the directory, managers can issue or revoke credentials from the myQ Community dashboard – even when offsite. Without the need to re-program or re-key hardware systems or issue physical keys or cards with every move, managers save time and, you’ve got it, money.

6. Connect Property Management Software with Access Control Management Software

6% of survey respondents choose the ability to share data between these two important property management systems. From increased security to improved renewal rates, a connected infrastructure environment also cuts costsoung African American woman standing, smiling, arms crossed. and delivers efficiencies to everyone on the management team. When a problem arises on-site, property managers need a solution that is easily accessible, effective, and inexpensive without sacrificing security. Cloud-based software like myQ Community enables managers to work more efficiently by eliminating the errors that come with redundant data entry, manual processes, and outdated resident information

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