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It can be a little confusing to understand video intercom technology. It’s hardware, it’s software, it’s a smartphone app, and there are lots of options depending on how many doors you want to control access to. So, we’ve put what you need to know into 5 easy tips. Let’s get started.

1. Smart Access Control is Cloud-based Software

In plain English, smart tech is a software application that is hosted on a secure internet server. You may have heard it described as “the cloud” or cloud-based software. Software as a Service (SaaS) is another common term. Image of ones and zeroes streaming horizontally. It refers to the recurring monthly payment that users make when they subscribe to a cloud platform.  And finally, the word platform or ecosystem refers to the dedicated, secure internet server where the software “lives” and connects with devices like Android or iPhones, with hardware like video intercoms, and even with other business software like property management.

2. Access Control Software is What Makes Video Intercoms Smart

Video intercom hardware comes with embedded controllers that enable it to connect with cloud-based access control software. This gives property owners and managers the flexibility to manage access from anywhere at any time. The cloud also enables visibility of the property from a laptop or smart device with a convenient dashboard for access management.


3. The Benefits of a Video Intercom System LiftMaster powered by myQ Video Intercom - S.

  • See who’s at the door before deciding to grant entry
  • Protect packages with remote, temporary access for deliveries
  • Permissioned access allows the right people, packages, and guests to come in
  • Residents can issue guest passes from their smartphone
  • Get automatic alerts about non-permission access attempts
  • Capture a video audit trail of all access points
  • Edit access permissions while working off-site
  • Automate the issue of new resident credentials and off-board departing residents in minutes

Smart video intercom with smartphone access app

4. Questions to Ask Yourself About Smart Video Intercom Amenities

  1. Is remote property access important to you? If your community has been inundated with deliveries a smart video intercom system can help you manage packages with the ability to issue temporary access passes for delivery even when you’re offsite.
  2. Do you want to manage access from anywhere? Older buzzers and telephone intercoms force property owners and managers to go to the building to issue new resident credentials. A smart video intercom powered by myQ Community enables the ability to onboard new residents even when offsite.
  3. How important are digital amenities to prospective tenants? Residents at rental properties value digital amenities. So much so that a study from TechZone showed that 86 percent of millennials1 are willing to pay more for a home or rental property if it has smart home technology. This is supported by research from Software Advice2 that showed 34 percent of those who took part in the survey said that smart home technology was the most important smart amenity.

5. Digital Amenities to Look for in a Smart Video Intercom

  • A virtual dashboard where you can manage access control for one or many properties from your laptop or tablet
  • “Press to unlock” smartphone app feature so residents can open any authorized entrance
  • Video intercom calling capabilities so residents can view and verify their guests’ identities from their smartphones before granting building entry
  • Virtual keys and temporary access passcodes so residents to give guests and visitors entry access for a limited time without long-term hassles
  • Ability to open doors and gates using Siri so residents can open doors easily from the app even when their hands are juggling too much stuff

Choosing the Right Smart Access Controls Company

There are many smart access control companies offering a variety of access control products. So look for a company with a customer-first focus – before and after your purchase.

  • Choose a company that works with you to define the best solution for your specific needs.
  • Select a company with a large network of distributors and installers for more complex installations—personally chosen by the salesperson as the best for your specific needs.
  • Choose a company that walks your property and understands the community layout.
  • Select a company that has a customer-first approach from products built to solve problems and problem-solving people dedicated to your success.
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