myQ® Business™ Facility Launches with New Operator for Seamless Automated Dock Door Experience

Facility managers strive, above all, to keep people safe and their buildings running efficiently. In addition to the primary concern for every employee’s health, the average cost per worker injury is $39,000, and the dock area is a frequent culprit for workplace injury.  Thankfully, you can reduce the risk of workplace injuries by replacing manual operation of your dock doors with a convenient, automated access solution.

myQ® Business™ Facility is a total cloud-based access management solution for your facility that helps you work smarter while reducing risk of costs and losses. The perfect partner to this system is the DDO8900W Light-Duty Dock Door Operator, designed and tested for dock door applications that that require full vertical lift or high lift.

As a cost-effective operator that opens 50% faster than traditional jackshaft operators, the DDO8900W is the right fight for businesses and facilities with light-duty cycle requirements that are looking to motorize full vertical lift dock doors. The Dock Door Operator provides a cost-effective solution that comes with unique key features including:

  • Connected Access Management Solutions: The first-of-its-kind myQ Business Facility software provides facility managers with full insight and control over warehouse access points. The Dock Door Operator exclusively features the LiftMaster® Interface Device (LMi5). This monitors up to five external sensors around the dock door to provide status of key events, known as Dock Door Sessions. Users can track truck arrivals, leveler activity, door status and more — all in real-time. Through an annual subscription to myQ Business Facility, which is included with the DDO8900W for the first year, business owners and managers can take advantage of:
  • Asset Tracking – Tracks the door system components to allow for better maintenance planning and reduced downtime.
  • Access Management – Establishes multi-user permissions-based functionality and reporting. Assigned users can monitor multiple commercial doors and gate operators. This includes tracking user history, and creating set schedules and alerts for added safety and security.
  • Facility Visualization – Provides real-time views on all connected docks, doors and gates within a customized facility dashboard. This allows for full control over all access points within the facility.
  • Commercial Intelligence Reporting – Collects commercial door and gate operator activity, operation and events to develop key benchmarks and customized reports. This helps improve warehouse efficiency, productivity, energy savings, compliance and safety.
  • Advanced Alerts and Notifications – Enables multiple people/groups to receive alerts and notification based on user-set scenarios for increased safety and security.
  • Door Lock Capability: Allows up to two door locks per system for added security.
  • Integrated Battery Backup: Ensures access even when the power is out.
  • Timer-to-Close:  Automatically program the door to close after 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

To learn more about Light-Duty Dock Door Operator, please visit https://www.liftmaster.com/light-duty-commercial-dock-door-operator/p/DDO8900W. To learn more about the myQ Business Facility solution, please visit https://www.liftmaster.com/myq/myq-connected-business. To find your nearest LiftMaster dealer, please visit Liftmaster.com/Locate-a-Dealer.


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