Expanding Awareness Beyond the Door with myQ® Facility and myQ Dock Management

Managing a facility with multiple access points and loading docks can be a stressful and demanding job, and any inefficencies can result in increased expenses or safety issues. Cloud-based technology that provides facility managers with real-time data, insights and reporting can help expand awareness beyond commercial facility doors to connected dock equipment, gate operators and access controls within the warehouse giving facility managers better insight on how they can improve efficiency as well as safety, performance and utilization.

For facility managers that want to keep up with all of their facility’s comings and goings with unmatched connectivity and desire an expanded understanding of their dock equipment operations, LiftMaster® can help. myQ Dock Management is now offered as an enhanced service to LiftMaster’s Smart Facility Access solution. This new myQ Dock Management service provides a seamless, real-time view across warehouse doors and loading docks that are powered by LiftMaster Commercial Operators and loading dock equipment from iDock, Poweramp, McGuire, and DLM.  When facility managers add myQ Dock Management to their LiftMaster Access solution they are able to collect real-time insight around daily operations, enabling them to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Expanded analytic capabilities provided by myQ Dock Management provides detailed information around dock operations. The data is then broken down into visual reports, making it easy for facility managers to see what’s happening at each loading dock and quickly make any necessary changes needed to increase efficiency, improve load times and reduce detention fees.

Intuitive myQ technology connects LiftMaster’s reliable door operators and loading dock equipment with iDock Controls from Poweramp, McGuire and DLM for a scalable view across warehouse doors and loading docks, while myQ® Facility and myQ Dock Management software services deliver valuable real-time data and analytics for a complete Smart Facility Access solution. Through an annual subscription, facility managers can improve their warehouse operations with the help of:

myQ Facility – A cloud-based service that provides real-time data, insights and reporting across all myQ connected LiftMaster Commercial Door Operators, Gate Operators and Access Controls within the warehouse. Rich features include:

  • Asset Tracking – Tracks the door system components to allow for better maintenance planning and reduced downtime.
  • Access Management – Establishes multi-user permissions-based functionality and reporting. Assigned users can monitor multiple commercial doors and gate operators to track user history and create set schedules and alerts for added safety and security.
  • Facility Visualization – Provides real-time views on all connected docks, doors and gates within a customized facility dashboard for full control over all access points within the facility.
  • Commercial Intelligence Reporting – Collects commercial door and gate operator activity, operation and events to develop key benchmarks and customized reports for improved warehouse efficiency, productivity, energy savings, compliance and safety.
  • Advanced Alerts and Notifications – Enables multiple people/groups to receive alerts and notification based on user-set scenarios for increased safety and security.

myQ Dock Management  – Takes myQ Facility to another level by expanding awareness beyond the door to surrounding dock equipment for a deeper level of analytics and reporting.  Enhanced features include:

  • Real-time Status Reports – Visual reports that show of all loading docks, including which docks are available, approaching or past load time requirement, and time stamps of recent activity.
  • Historical Data Reports – Easily analyze dock activity to help improve loading efficiency, dock performance and utilization. You can also search for any past truck-at-dock session to review the recorded loading activity of each, as well as any detention fees you may have incurred. Compare and manage any incurred detentions fees by carrier or date.

For more information on the LiftMaster Smart Facility Access solution with the new myQ Dock Management service, go to https://www.myq.com/facility/smart-facility-access


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