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LiftMaster Transforms the Garage Door Opener Into a Sleek Smart Home Device That Does More Than Open and Close the Garage Door

September 24, 2021

Over 50 years ago LiftMaster® set out to provide homeowners with an easier way to get in and out of their garage with one of the first automated garage door openers. Fast forward to today, LiftMaster is the number one brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers that continues to set the standard in garage opener innovation and design. Working hard to address the needs of today’s busy homeowners and transform the garage into a notable extension of the home, LiftMaster has launched a new line of modernized smart openers equipped with integrated LED lighting, a built-in camera, battery backup and smart home technology.

Pioneered to perfection, the new suite of openers is powered by myQ® technology that enables convenient and secure access experiences and keeps track of the garage system’s health for quick and easy service repairs when needed. ​Their sleek, attractive design replaces the ordinary garage door opener with an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional smart home device. LiftMaster’s new openers include unique features not found in other openers on the market today, including a built-in camera that adds streaming video, recorded events, motion detection and 2-way communication to the myQ app so homeowners can see what’s happening and ensure their family and prized possessions are safe and secure.

“The garage has become the main home entry for 70 percent of today’s households. It is also becoming an important extension of the home, a multifunctional space that often pulls double-duty as a rec room or a gym,” said Jackie Lorenty, LiftMaster’s Senior Vice President, Residential. “To ensure such an important space is functional, inviting and secure, homeowners need a powerful smart home device that not only reliably opens and closes the garage door but adds value to the home and daily life.”

According to the New American Home Study, during the pandemic 49% percent of millennial homeowners transformed their garage into a gym, additional storage space or home office. The study found that 78% of homeowners across generations intend to make changes to their garage, confirming that using the garage space for new uses is not a trend that will change anytime soon. Also, according to the study, 75% of homeowners plan to upgrade technology within the home. These combined stats confirm the changes LiftMaster has seen over the years in homeowners’ preferences for a smart garage door opener with enhanced features that make the garage more functional, inviting and secure.

LiftMaster’s new product line includes four new openers with different feature sets and a range of price points. Notable new features in LiftMaster’s new line of garage door openers include:

  • Sleek new profile – contemporary design transforms the opener into a smart home device that fits in with the home’s natural décor
  • Integrated LED lighting – advanced LED lighting increases the functionality of the garage space and means never having to change a garage light bulb again
  • Built-in camera – keep your family safe and take away all the guesswork with a built-in camera that adds streaming video, recorded events and 2-way communication to the myQ app so you can see what’s happening from anywhere.
  • Next generation garage technology – improved Wi-Fi® connectivity and enhanced memory to support new myQ features and solutions
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology – reduces setup time and makes it even easier to connect to the myQ app, other myQ devices and smart home technology solutions
  • Battery backup – open/close the garage door even when the power is out
  • Remote diagnostic capabilities – keeps track of the device’s health and ensures for quick and easy service repairs when needed

The openers’ enhanced myQ technology lets homeowners easily leverage LiftMaster’s ecosystem of myQ connected products, including  Smart Locks and Cameras, to scale the number of home entry points they have control over from the myQ app. With myQ, homeowners can enhance the security of their home through smart phone alerts that notify you if someone has opened the garage door or front door to real-time video monitoring that allows you to see what is going on even if you’re on vacation halfway across the world.

Additionally, the powerful myQ app acts as command central, allowing homeowners to easily share and manage home access without interrupting their day, as well as enabling smart access experiences like Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery as well as Smart Vehicle Access capabilities within select vehicles.

To learn more about LiftMaster’s new line of garage door openers, please visit To find your nearest LiftMaster dealer, please visit


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