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Retrofit Your Property’s Telephone Intercom

It’s time to retrofit your hard-wired copper telephone intercom system. The most compelling reason is that wired systems are being phased out.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) no longer requires telecom companies to maintain copper wiring. This means that the cost for maintenance of wired systems, like a telephone intercom, will steadily increase. And if copper lines need repair, the telecom company has the right to decline service unless the replacement is a 4/5G network or fiber optic cable. This article gives you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision when you’re ready to choose a smart video keyless entry system for your property.

What’s Inside:

  • Why You Should Retrofit Your Community’s Old Telephone Intercom System
  • What a wireless door entry system retrofit is
  • How a wireless door entry system works
  • Why you should retrofit your old telephone intercom system
  • Why you should choose a wireless smart video intercom
  • How a wireless smart video intercom benefits a property manager
  • How a wireless smart video intercom benefits a resident
  • How to choose the right wireless smart video intercom for your retrofit

Why You Should Retrofit Your Telephone Intercom System

It is no surprise that safety is consistently a top concern for residents. Whether in rural, suburban or urban communities, in a gated property, Image of intercom access panel multi-dwelling unit or apartment building—safety and the perception of safety are essential for a positive resident experience and to maintain property value.

According to a survey from property management software company Entrata, more than 3 in 4 residents said they would pay more for a package of their top three smart home amenities: security cameras, keyless entry systems, and smart thermostats).

A wireless door entry system secures a property’s entry points, offering peace of mind to residents that they, their families, and belongings are safe. Wireless smart video intercoms go a step further, enhancing property security in numerous ways, including:

  • Smart video intercom systems provide high-quality visual and audio confirmation of visitors at the door. Solutions, such as LiftMaster’s smart video intercom systems, grant entry straight from residents’ smart devices, so they have control over property access from anywhere.
  • Smart access two-door controllers, also from LiftMaster and powered by the myQ Community Cloud, can augment a wireless retrofit, giving managers and property owners the power to allow or deny access at multiple property entry points that may not need a video camera, such as a back door, garage, gym, package room, elevators, and more.
  • Smartphone keyless entry apps enable residents and managers alike to set up and share one-time, multi-day, or reoccurring virtual keys for guests, delivery drivers, service providers, and caregivers. This ensures that visitors can enter a property as needed without compromising resident or community security.

What is a Wireless Door Entry System Retrofit?

A wireless door entry system offers community managers the opportunity to update, or retrofit, an old entry system without the need for wiring. A wireless door entry system is centralized in one physical location but has wireless reach to specific entry points across the entire community—main entrances, amenity rooms such as the gym or mailroom, gates, elevators, parking garages, and even elevators.

For example, a wireless smart video intercom can overcome the logistical hurdles of historic or repurposed buildings by eliminating unsightly cables and cords. Working with the property’s wifi network to create service coverage, a wireless door entry system enables a scalable retrofit option without costly renovations.

How a Wireless Smart Video Intercom Works

A caller at the door can be seen on the wireless receiving station at a building’s entry. The resident can see who wants to enter the building using the entry access app on their smartphone. As can the community manager, even when working offsite. Smart amenities, meaning those that are connected wirelessly or with a web-based platform, are a given for new construction. Now, older buildings can retrofit their legacy telephone intercom system with the capabilities of wireless door entry system that includes:

  • The ability to bridge new tech with old systems. Many entry management systems now afford integration with wireless solutions that “bridge” older technology and systems to newer, more efficient systems without a complete systems overhaul. This makes wireless solutions more affordable and accessible for any type of property.
  • The opportunity to spend less without sacrificing quality. Wireless door entry systems are less expensive than hardwired alternatives, particularly when the cost of conduit and copper wiring are factored in. As telecom companies phase out service of 146-year-old copper lines, the cost for maintenance will steadily increase. And if copper lines need repair, the telecom company has the right to decline service unless the replacement is a 4/5G network or fiber optic cable.

How a Wireless Smart Video Intercom Retrofit Helps Property Managers

Person holding tablet looking at myQ Community access control screenThe retrofit of an old door entry system to a wireless smart video intercom delivers tangible benefits to busy property managers.

Manage People Anytime, Anywhere

Add, update, and revoke residents’ access privileges.

Assign groups, schedules, and zones to provide role-based access.

Provide access remotely with the click of a button.

Integrate with your existing property management system.

Monitor a property, or multiple properties, remotely from anywhere with your laptop or smartphone.

Enhance Safety and Security

Monitor resident and access point activity.

Receive real-time customized notifications: door ajar, permission denied and many more.

Perform Remote Diagnostics

  • Always be in-the-know about your devices and access points through real-time notifications and 24/7 remote diagnostics for around-the-clock security.
  • The best wireless smart video intercom entry systems provide a high-definition, 135-degree view of authorized building entrances, with audio capabilities so that residents can communicate with visitors even while away.

With LiftMaster smart video intercoms powered by the myQ Community platform, property managers also have access to key resident information and can receive real-time notifications of any issues, such as when guest codes are overused, or when the system requires maintenance.

How a Wireless Smart Video Intercom Retrofit Benefits Residents

One of the most important and effective cornerstones of an interconnected community access control system is the intuitive, convenient, andYoung couple unpacking their apartment effective use of a smartphone app. Referring to the Entrata apartment renters’ survey again, more than three in four residents would pay more for a package of their top three smart home amenities: security cameras, keyless entry systems, and smart thermostats.

More than anything else, a wireless smart video intercom system empowers residents to conveniently manage and control property access. And resident involvement in access controls brings greater transparency to building security and the overall community, helping to create a safe, modern living experience. Key resident benefits include:

  • Keyless Entry
  • Modern, convenient guest entry management using a smartphone app.
  • Ability to manage deliveries remotely.
  • Can always see who is at the door before opening it.

How to Choose the Right Wireless Smart Video Intercom for Your Retrofit

Mobile credentials, keyless entryBegin with the end in mind. There are a lot of solutions in the market. But you should know what happens after you buy. This is how we take care of our customers before and after purchase.

  1. A member of the LiftMaster powered by myQ team will walk the property, often with the security installation expert.
  2. We listen to you and are completely focused on delivering a solution that solves your problems.
  3. If a problem arises, we have an in-house team of engineers who will diagnose it and resolve it — or die trying.
  4. We offer training courses for our trusted distributor and installer partners. This includes onsite or virtual training that teaches your technical team how to install our products. We also train your salespeople on how to demonstrate myQ Community software and hardware, onsite or virtual. Plus, we offer a library of training videos.

So, before you invest in a smart access control solution, go with a company that invests in you and your success.

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