5 Ways a Smart Access Control App Delights Both Residents and Community Managers

Real estate trends are notoriously tricky. What’s a hot trend now can be considered outdated and a turnoff for potential residents within a few years. There was a time when wall-to-wall carpet and sunken living rooms were very popular, we swear! But when it comes to staying power, digital access upgrades are the in-demand amenities that will always be top-of-mind for residents and prospective tenants. Convenience, control, connectivity, and scalability—smart home systems are no longer just a trend but a priority. In fact, 81% of real estate purchasers say that they would be more inclined to invest in a property if it came with smart technology systems.

This means that property managers should focus on integrating smart, convenient, and connected entry management systems to attract residents and increase a property’s value. Smart access control software should be easy to learn and intuitive but robust enough to deliver the smartphone access residents want and the real-time information that managers need.


What is a Smart Access Control System?

Digital technology might sound futuristic, but there’s nothing intimidating about it. Access control systems have been around for millennia. But a modern access control system does more than keep people out—it’s a tool for community management that provides greater security benefits alongside convenience and automation that make a property manager’s job—and residents’ lives—much easier.

How Smart Access Control Systems Work

LiftMaster smart access control systems powered by myQ Community provide a completely integrated solution that keeps properties safe and secure. Regardless of the type of property, web-based smart access controls keep properties running at maximum efficiency with multiple options for managing entrances. Whether you manage an apartment complex or a gated community, a cloud-based access control system provides a variety of advanced safety and convenience features that will streamline your work and give residents the digital amenities they want.

With an extensive hardware and software portfolio, LiftMaster smart access control systems are customizable to each property’s requirements, from entry systems, keypads to card readers, video intercoms and more. And because LiftMaster smart access control systems are cloud-based, property managers have the ability to monitor around-the-clock, and residents can rest assured that their safety and security are top priority.

The Benefits of Smart Access Control App

Taking smart access controls a step further, property managers can offer residents their own access through the myQ Community app, empowering residents with more transparency and control into their building’s security. Especially now, when the home is also the office, the gym and the place we spend most of our time, residents want to know that their investment in their homes and community is being protected and served by the best in digital solutions.

How to Make the Most of Your Smart Access Control App

The best part of the myQ Community app and entry management ecosystem is that it does more than monitor building entrances. The most trusted and integrated smart access control systems come with a host of capabilities for property managers and residents alike, including:

  1. Letting you in when you’ve been locked out. Never again will a resident experience this day-ruining inconvenience when a smartphone is also your housekey. The myQ Community app has a “press to unlock” feature so that residents can unlock any authorized entrance from their smartphones. It’s easier than ever for residents to let themselves in or open the door for someone else.
  2. Video intercom calling capabilities. Through LiftMaster’s Smart Video Intercom capabilities, residents can view and verify their guests’ identities from their smartphones before granting building entry. The app’s one-way video calling and two-way voice communication provide high-definition visuals and audio for safety and convenience, which allows residents to manage guest access to the community.
  3. Virtual keys and temporary access passcodes. This feature allows residents to give guests and visitors entry access for a limited time without long-term hassles.
  4. Ability to open doors and gates hands-free. Residents can open doors easily from the app even when they’re off-site. Ease, efficiency, and effective access is right at your fingertips.
  5. Voice control. Smart access control systems can sync to personal assistance apps, such as Siri, so myQ app users can command Siri to open doors hands-free.

Community managers need a modern access control system to address the safety, security, convenience and connectivity demands of the market. A LiftMaster smart access control video intercom powered by myQ keeps any living space secure while also providing more flexibility, control and intelligence to smart living. For residents and community managers alike, the confidence in and experience of a trusted, secure access control system will always be on trend, in demand and accessible from the palm of your hand with the myQ Community app.

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