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A Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting Holiday Packages

A recent survey conducted by Chamberlain Group, a Blackstone Company and manufacturer of myQ smart garage technology, found that 69% of homeowners worry about packages going missing during the holidays. Adding to the already hectic holiday season, the survey also found that 74% of homeowners take extra measures to ensure they are home when their packages arrive, including canceling plans and staying home from work to wait for the package.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, 78% of homeowners are looking to learn new ways to thwart the dreaded Porch Pirate. Chamberlain Group commissioned a 10-minute, online quantitative survey among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18+ who own a house with a garage to find out find out homeowners’ sentiments and experiences with package theft.

“From getting neighbors to grab packages to exploding glitter bombs, homeowners are not short on ideas for how to keep porch pirates at bay,” said Kiel Fitzgerald, Senior Director of Delivery Services for Chamberlain Group. “Yet, our survey findings show that homeowners want to learn about better ways to protect their packages and are increasingly looking to the smart garage as a solution.”

According to homeowners, package theft has become the new norm

Porch pirates are turning the convenience of online shopping into a costly annoyance and robbing consumers of the joy associated with receiving a delivery.

  • Nearly 77% of homeowners believe missing packages are becoming a national epidemic ​​
  • 59% anticipate more of their packages will go missing during the holiday season
  • 79% think the number of missing packages will increase over the next year
  • 88% know someone who had package(s) stolen from outside their home
  • 46% were at home when they had a package stolen from outside their home
Vanishing packages

If you’re fretting that your package won’t be there when you get home, you’re not alone. As we head into the holiday season, homeowners are feeling more and more nervous about the influx of packages.

  • 69% of homeowners worry about their packages going missing during the holidays
  • 30% feel responsible for preventing stolen packages
  • 39% feel nervous leaving packages outside their home for too long
  • 39% obsessively check the tracking number to see if their packages have arrived
  • 74% take security measures to avoid having a package stolen, including canceling plans/staying home from work to wait for the package or having it delivered to a friend, family member or neighbor’s home
Worries are different across generations

Gen Z: Gen Z’s anxiety around package deliveries stems from package tracking and location.​ 48% obsessively check the tracking number to see if their package has arrived​ and 46% feel nervous leaving packages outside their home for too long​. 42% feel anxious if they don’t receive any shipping updates​.

Millennials: While Millennials claim to be more chill about their packages’ location, they are most likely to rearrange their day to be home for package deliveries (78%) and are the generation most likely to leave work early or stay home altogether when they know a package is on the way.

 Baby Boomers: Baby Boomers are the least likely to track packages or rearrange their day around package deliveries.

 Would you rather? 

 73% would rather move in with in-laws than have a package stolen​

​Today’s consumers would rather put their privacy on the backburner and move in with their-in-laws than have a package go missing. Overall, homeowners agree almost anything is better than having a package go missing.  For example survey participants would rather:

  • 89% think having a package stolen is worse than getting a paper cut ​
  • 85% think having a package stolen is worse than accidentally replying all to an email​
  • 81% think having a package stolen is worse than sitting next to someone on a plane who won’t stop talking
3 out of 5 people are worried about package theft this holiday season

The inconvenience of package theft has led 78% of online shoppers to want to learn more ways to stop someone from taking their packages. And, survey findings show, homeowners are increasingly looking to their garage to solve the problem:​​

  • 45% are interested in ways to leverage their garage for package deliveries
  • 57% think video doorbells don’t stop package theft ​
  • 45% see the garage as the safest place for packages deliveries
  • 40% would choose to have packages delivered their garage over the front porch ​​
  • 68% of those that would prefer to have their packages delivered to their garage would do so to prevent people from stealing them
  • 75% of those that would prefer to have their packages delivered to their garage would do so to keep their packages safe when they are not home
  • 61% like the idea of in-garage delivery for keeping packages from being seen by neighbors, children or significant others​​

As online shoppers continue to demand better delivery solutions that keep their packages safe, the nation’s largest retailers, like Amazon, are leveraging myQ to bring in-garage delivery services to their customers. ​

In-garage delivery can alleviate key concerns around package deliveries found in survey findings including:​

  • Package Theft: 60% of homeowners are worried about having packages taken from outside their home this holiday season​
  • Ruined Surprises: 71% wish that there was a more discreet way to receive packages that contain holiday gifts​
  • Inconveniences Associated with Package Delivery: Top three inconveniences for package deliveries are – theft (26%), followed by delivery to wrong address (18%) and receiving damaged items (16%)​
This holiday season Amazon Prime members can have their packages delivered securely to their garage

Turning the garage into the primary package delivery location can eliminate package theft and increase peace of mind for consumers during the holiday. Smart garage door openers by LiftMaster and Chamberlain include myQ smart garage technology. myQ technology works with Amazon Key, for a convenient, secure in-garage delivery experience. With Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, you don’t have to worry about packages going missing or groceries being left out in the rain. Packages and groceries are securely delivered to the garage where they stay until you are free to get them, whether you’re home or away.

Read Get Ready for The Holidays with myQ and Amazon Key to find out how to get setup with a myQ smart garage for in-garage delivery.

A myQ smart garage does more than turn your garage into a preferred package and grocery delivery location

 Secure, control and monitor the garage on your smartphone through the myQ app.

Top 5 reasons why homeowners would choose to invest in smart garage technology like a myQ
  1. So I never have to worry if the garage door was left open – I can see it, check and close it from my smartphone from anywhere (39%)
  2. So I know who is coming and going into my home during the busy holiday season (38%)
  3. So I can keep grinches/porch pirates away from my packages with secure in-garage delivery (35%)
  4. So I can easily share and manage access to my home without having to share codes or keys (30%)
  5. So if I travel for the holidays, I can easily let someone in with my phone to take care of pets, plants or an emergency (29%)

Check to see if you can get in-garage delivery in your area here.  



Chamberlain Group, Inc. commissioned a 10-minute, online quantitative survey among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18+ who own a house with a garage. The survey was fielded in July 2022. 





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