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Answer These 6 Questions to Take the Fear Out of Shopping for a New Garage Door Opener

October 21, 2022

While your Halloween night may be filled with fright, shopping for a new garage door opener doesn’t have to be. New smart garage door openers by LiftMaster® and Chamberlain® offer a variety of new conveniences and capabilities to homeowners, including working with myQ so that you can control, secure and monitor your garage door through the myQ app. To ensure you don’t lose any sleep this Halloween season, myQ has compiled a selection of some of the best smart openers out there and created a simple, fear-free guide to walk you through choosing the right garage door opener for you.

Answer these six questions to take the fear out of shopping for a new garage door opener:

1.Do you want to enhance the security of your home?

With a smart garage door opener powered by myQ®, you’ll never be haunted by the often-thought question – “did I remember to close the garage door?” Get real-time alerts that let you know when your garage opens or closes. Some models, like the Good Housekeeping Reno Award winning Chamberlain Secure View™ B6753T  have a built-in camera that adds streaming video, recorded events, and 2-way communication to the myQ app so you can check and SEE if you left the garage door open and close it – anytime, from anywhere. The myQ app’s Guest Access feature also provides a safer way to share access to the home – no need to share keys or codes. Additionally, myQ works with Amazon Key for convenient and secure in-garage delivery of packages and groceries.

2.Do you have an attached garage?

If you have an attached garage that is adjacent to a bedroom, you may be all too familiar with things that go bump in the night. You’ll be relieved to find how quiet a new opener can be. Installing a wall mount garage opener like the LiftMaster 8500W or an ultra-quiet belt drive opener like the Chamberlain B2211T can minimize noise and ceiling vibrations.

3.Are you looking to increase the lighting in your garage?  

Are you afraid of the dark? With integrated LED lighting, no one needs to know. LiftMaster’s new line of openers include units with a 2,000 lumens Corner to Corner Lighting™ System that uniformly brightens every corner of the garage. Banish the darkness for good with a LiftMaster Secure View™ 87504-267 .

4.Do you often experience power outages?

They may be fun to read about in spine-tingling tales, but in real life, a dark and stormy night is no joke. A power outage caused by extreme weather is not only an inconvenience but a major safety and security issue. In those moments you need to feel confident that you can quickly enter and exit your garage. Garage door openers with integrated battery backup like the Chamberlain C2212T and Chamberlain B4613T allow you to safely get in and out of your garage even when the power is out.

5.Do you need more storage space?

Don’t have a big, haunted mansion where you can stash away all those Halloween decorations after October 31st? Consider a wall mount opener to get some extra space. The Chamberlain RJO20 will help you stay organized and optimize space within your garage since it mounts alongside the garage door rather than on the ceiling, creating room for additional storage.

6.Do you do a lot of online shopping?

Save the tricks and treat yourself to worry-free in-garage package and grocery delivery. myQ works with Amazon Key and Walmart+ InHome for secure In-Garage Delivery. You can use any of the openers mentioned above, but if you’re not in the market for a new opener, you can easily make your existing garage door opener smart with the myQ Smart Garage Control.

 If your premonition of the perfect pick is still unclear, visit and use the finder tool to select the right garage door opener for you or find a LiftMaster dealer near you.


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