What Building Managers and Residents Should Know About Smart Access

June 4, 2021

By Jenny Lytle, General Manager of LiftMaster Access Controls

Residents and community managers expect a building access solution that’s secure and convenient. Since safety and security start at the front gate and/or door, a smart access system can help by empowering community managers to easily control and monitor who and how people are entering and exiting the building or property. Smart access systems provide cloud-based solutions like touchless access, remotely verifying guests through live video streaming vs face-to-face interactions.

As General Manager of LiftMaster Access Controls, my team is dedicated to designing solutions with property managers and residents in mind and to make sure things are secure and easy for them. LiftMaster has consistently been at the forefront of innovations that address access safety and believes in offering a scalable access management solution that enhances security and reduces liability for any size or type of property. And with its unrivaled combination of reliable hardware and cutting-edge myQ technology, LiftMaster continues to set the industry standard for Smart Community Access solutions that are easy to use and come with a host of in-demand features

The Benefits

LiftMaster Smart Community Access solution has several key features that set it apart from other access controls on the market, but the top features requested by both residents and community managers are video calling and two-way communication at building entry points, which are key features of the myQ Community app.

When people have package delivery issues, get locked out, or have trouble letting guests in and out, the number one thing they want is video calling because of the security and ease factor.

While tenants love not having to leave their couch to let their friends or food delivery driver in, building managers enjoy not having to be on-site to confirm the identity of, and grant access to, new tenants, delivery personnel, and service providers.

Versailles on the Lake, a luxury apartment community near Chicago, recently upgraded their system to include the LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom and appreciate the value it has brought to their residents. “Upgrading our system to has given us the ability to make guest management a standout amenity for our residents by offering the myQ Community app to help them manage property access from their smartphone,” said Yolanda Pawula, property manager at Versailles on the Lake “Not only can they grant or deny guest access from anywhere, but they also get a sense of added security when they can actually see who is at the entrance.”

Recorded video is also stored in the cloud for 30 days, which adds an extra layer of accountability and security.

If there’s an incident on site, such as someone trying to get through the front door over the weekend, the system captures that video and stores it in the property manager’s secure myQ account, offering a major advantage to building managers over a lot of other options on the market.

Peace of Mind

As access controls evolve, multi-dwelling community residents are beginning to expect more robust and smarter solutions. With LiftMaster’s unrivaled combination of reliable hardware and cutting edge myQ technology, tech-savvy residents will enjoy the features and controls offered by the myQ Community app, and non-techies will appreciate how the Community by myQ app makes building access simpler and more convenient than ever before.

Because choosing a building access solution is a major decision, it’s important to go with a provider you can trust. As a company that’s been a pioneer in community access solutions for years, LiftMaster gives both residents and community managers peace of mind.

As you think about a product that will be part of your building for 7-10 years, you want a platform supporting it that’s powerful, scalable, and will also bring you new features through software updates as times change. LiftMaster wants to take the most complicated building challenges and make them simpler. That means more services through our software, an app that makes people’s lives easier, and more collaboration with partners to make things simpler for everyone.”

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