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August 29, 2022

The Digital Doorman: An Access Control System for your Building

What is a Digital Doorman?

A digital doorman is an access control service that provides safe and secure property access. It manages guests, package deliveries, andDoorman in green great coat with hat and thumbs up tradespeople. A digital doorman integrates video camera surveillance with remote access control software that shares data from a building’s entry system to an offsite operator who monitors requests for building access.

Everything that a digital doorman operator needs for remote monitoring is an internet connection to access control software and companion hardware, such as a wireless video intercom.

Types of Digital Doorman Systems

There are several types of digital doorman systems, but all of them need the ability to remotely unlock a door or gate. This requires an electronic or magnetic lock and a door lock release mechanism installed at property access points.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of digital doorman systems:

Telephone Intercom Entry Systems

  • Many property owners and managers rely on old telephone entry systems as their digital doorman system. Here’s what you need to know.Women Standing At Entrance Of Red Brick Building
  • Telecom companies are phasing out support for copper telephone lines, transitioning customers to fiber optic cable or 4/5G wireless networks.
  • These systems require resident directory information to be updated on site, which is rarely the most convenient option.
  • Telephone-based digital doorman systems lack video cameras and cannot show who wants permission to enter a property access point.
  • Telephone intercoms can route calls to an owner or manager, but they cannot provide the smartphone entry access management residents prefer.

Operator with Call Center

An offsite call center coordinates with residents whether they want to grant access to a visitor. Keep in mind that:

  • The call center operator will not be as familiar with residents’ names and unit numbers so there could be delays in routing calls.
  • Hardware costs will vary depending on how many video intercoms and surveillance cameras are needed. In addition to these fixed costs, there will be a recurring monthly fee for the operator call center.

Cloud-based Video Intercoms

  • This digital doorman system uses a video intercom to see who is requesting access plus a call function so that visitors can contact the Doorman's hand “doorman”. Cloud-based video intercom systems may include a network of integrated security cameras.

IP Doorbell Intercoms

  • IP doorbell intercoms are connected to the internet. From the doorbell intercom panel, a visitor can look up a resident in the system’s directory, then press the corresponding number. This sends an alert to the resident’s smartphone entry app, allowing them to talk with the person before deciding to grant or deny entry.

Benefits of an Access Control System for Owners and Managers

Automation, convenience, security, and safety are great reasons why managers should be excited about a video intercom system with remote door lock release. But managers can also:

  • Add, update, and revoke residents’ access privileges
  • Assign groups, schedules, and zones to provide role-based access
  • Provide access remotely with the click of a button
  • Integrate your access control system with your existing property management system
  • Monitor security for one or many properties—24/7—from anywhere, with your laptop or smartphone
  • Use the video logs to check access point activity
  • Get real-time customized notifications like door ajar or permission denied

Benefits of a Video Intercom System for Residents

A wireless video intercom empowers residents to manage and control property access. And resident involvement in access control brings greater transparency to building security and the overall community. This creates a safe, modern living experience with other resident benefits that include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Smart phone app as a visitor management system, including tools like:
  • Temporary, virtual guest passes for delivery drivers
  • Recurring guest passes for the dogwalker, housekeeper and more
  • Seeing who is at the door before opening it — even when you’re not at home

What’s the Best Digital Doorman

LiftMaster® powered by myQ, is the best digital doorman system because it is a versatile access control system that protects every part of aLiftMaster Smart Video Intercom Products building or gated property, not just the main entrance. Secure all entrances including amenity rooms, gates, garages, fences, elevators, package rooms and more.  And give residents the convenience of a guest management smartphone app with voice-enabled “unlock door” control. LiftMaster has scalable access control solutions for new construction and retrofit options that connect older equipment to the cloud.

There’s a smarter way in. Learn more.


For more than 50 years, LiftMaster® has created entry control solutions from garage door openers to award-winning smart video intercoms, powered by myQ. As a trusted access management brand, LiftMaster controls multiple points of entry, from gates, entrances and elevators to package rooms, parking structures and more. LiftMaster smart video intercoms provide safety, security and convenience to nearly 500,000 multi-family residences, monitoring 20,000 entry points across North America.


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