The ROI of LiftMaster’s Access Control Hardware powered by myQ

Today’s Entrance Management Challenges

The high volume of requests to enter a property requires a smart access technology solution that automates access control. Multi-family properties have been awash with Instacart and DoorDash deliveries since the pandemic in 2020.

Almost every major food delivery service’s gross merchandise volume increased by over 75% in 2020. Grocery delivery services, such as Instacart, saw “five years of growth in five weeks” at the start of the pandemic. Source: Business of Apps

The demand for app-to-door deliveries has become the new normal. And high-volume requests to enter the property present new challenges to rental property owners. Here’s what we’re hearing firsthand.

“I need a way to manage all common access points in a single system because I am responsible for the safety and security of the community.”

“I need a way to identify and document culprits causing damage, vandalism, or nuisances at entry points. Otherwise, it comes out of our budget.”

The Forces Driving Demand for Access Control TechnologyWoman with luxe handbag using mobile credentials

Three market forces are driving the demand for access control technology like mobile credentials or smart video intercoms.

  1. Security for Residents
  2. Convenience for Owners and Managers
  3. The Need to Increase ROI

Security is a top concern for today’s Gen Y and Gen Z renters. The numbers tell the story.

Two male and two female Gen Y/Gen Z people

55% of Gen-Yers are likely to pay more for high-tech door locks.

1 in 5 Gen Y residents reports feeling unsafe around their community property.

61% of Gen Y respondents indicated they are more likely to rent a unit because of electronic access and keyless entry.

Source: Schlage’s Industry Insight Survey

The demand for smart access control technology that makes residents feel safe and makes their lives more convenient is real. And this is an opportunity to increase your ROI by increasing rent for the amenities this demographic wants and will pay more to get.

Property Owners Value Convenience

We ran a pop-up survey on the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA’s) website. The sample size was small but it’s an interesting indicator of what other independent property owners and managers are saying about the smart access control features they would most like to have if they could update their intercom system.

28% of the respondents wanted the ability for renters to use their phones as a virtual key.

21% wanted the ability to see video footage of access entry.

How LiftMaster powered by myQ Makes Access Management More Convenient for Managers

Person holding tablet looking at myQ Community access control screen

Property Owners Can Manage Access from a Laptop or Tablet to:

  • Add, update, and revoke residents’ access privileges
  • Assign groups, schedules, and zones to provide role-based access
  • Provide access remotely with the click of a button
  • Integrate with your existing property management system
  • Monitor a property, or multiple properties, remotely from anywhere with your laptop
  • Monitor resident and access point activity
  • Receive real-time customized notifications: door ajar, permission denied, and many more
  • 24/7 remote diagnostics for system troubleshooting before trouble occurs

How Residents Can Use the myQ Smartphone App

LiftMaster powered by myQ smartphone app.

Keyless entry

Remote guest management from their myQ smartphone app

The ability to see who’s at the door and talk with them remotely before opening the door

Recurring guest passes to friends, family, and returning visitors like a dog walker or a house cleaner

Temporary, time-sensitive passes for delivery drivers, InstaCart deliveries, and DoorDash drivers

The ROI of Smart Access Control

Young man wearing suit and tie doing fist pump with cash sticking out of his wallet.

Aside from resident demand for the security and convenience of access control, there are other factors to consider when calculating the ROI of smart access control systems.

  • Charge over $30.00 more for monthly rent with smart amenities residents value.
  • Eliminate the cost of rekeying locks, take back time without managing physical keys or recovering old keys during changeovers
  • Save time for service staff who no longer need to travel back and forth from the leasing office to collect physical keys for maintenance trips
  • Work more efficiently without driving to and from the property to manage building access
  • Save money, minimizing theft and damage by controlling access to common areas

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