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Take The Stress Out of Holiday Travel with myQ

November 8, 2022

Tis’ the season for holiday travel but wondering if you remembered to close the garage door as you drove away can make it less than jolly.  Whether you’re taking planes, trains, or automobiles to your destination, holiday travel can be hectic. A smart home access ecosystem like myQ can help. Here are six ways myQ can help you keep tabs on what is going on at home and take the stress out of holiday travel this year:

1.Stop wondering if the garage door was left open or if the front door wasn’t locked.

Even if you make a list and check it twice, there is so much to remember on the way out the door. It’s not uncommon to drive away wondering if you remembered to close the garage door or lock the front door. With the myQ app you can control, secure and monitor all of your myQ connected entry points – even from Grandma’s house. Relax knowing your front door is locked, the garage is closed and your home is secure.

2.Share Access from Anywhere.

Have someone coming over to take care of pets or water the plants while you are away? Easily share full access with members of your household or limited access with a dog walker or neighbor through the Guest feature in the myQ app. No need to share keys or codes.  Don’t forget to leave out Christmas cookies for your holiday helpers.

3.Set Alerts for Peace of Mind.

Experience the comfort and joy of knowing your home’s main entry points are secure while you are away. The myQ app lets you set alerts to know when someone is checking in on your plants and/or pets and that the garage wasn’t left open by mistake.

4.Get Worry-Free In-Garage Delivery.

The holidays are a busy season for package deliveries. If you need to ship packages to your home while you’re away, you can rest assured they will be safe with In-Garage Delivery. No more worrying about packages going missing or being damaged by bad weather while you are away. Know your packages are secure inside your garage until you return

5.See What’s Happening Back Home. 

Santa sees everything, and now you can too. For those who want the added peace of mind of seeing what’s happening back home, the myQ app can help when you link it to a smart garage camera. Homeowner’s who have a Secure View™ garage door opener or a free-standing Smart Garage Camera can watch live streaming video or recorded events on their phone from anywhere for an added layer of protection.

6.Stock the Fridge Before You Return.

 No one wants to have to make a grocery run after a long day of travel. With in-garage grocery delivery you can skip the trip to the store and have all your groceries delivered to your garage, where they will be waiting for you when you return home. Don’t forget the milk and cookies!


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