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Summer Travel Tips: 6 ways myQ makes vacation stress free

Getting ready to hit the road this summer for some much-needed family vacation time? Whether you’re jetting overseas or road tripping across the country, you want to make sure your time is spent relaxing vs stressing about what’s happening back home. Here are six summer travel tips that show how a smart garage door opener, locks and cameras that work with the myQ app can take the stress out of your summer travel plans.

Summer Travel Tip #1

Start your vacation off on the right foot with stress-free packing

Keep vacation purchases organized by having your sunscreen, snacks and whatever else you need for vacation delivered directly to your garage. Link to Amazon Key in the myQ app for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries. Know your packages are safe and secure inside your garage until you are free to get them.

Summer Travel Tip #2

Never wonder/worry if the garage door was left open or if the front door wasn’t locked

With so much to remember on the way out the door, it’s not uncommon for people to drive away for vacation wondering if they remembered to close the garage door or lock the front door. With the myQ app you can control, secure and monitor all your myQ connected entry points – even from the beach.

Summer Travel Tip #3

Easily share access

Have someone coming over to water the plants or take care of pets? Or find that you need to give garage access to a repair person while you are away? Easily share full access with members of your household or limited access with a repair person through the guest feature in the myQ app. No need to share keys or codes.

Summer Travel Tip #4

Set alerts for peace of mind

Knowing your home’s main entry points are secure will allow you to enjoy your vacation worry-free. The myQ app lets you set alerts to know when someone is checking in on your plants and/or pets and that the garage wasn’t left open by mistake.

Summer Travel Tip #5

See for yourself

For those who want the added peace of mind of seeing what’s happening back home, the myQ app can help when you link it to a smart garage camera. Homeowner’s who have a smart garage door opener with a built-in camera or a free-standing Smart Garage Camera can watch live streaming video or recorded events on their phone from anywhere for an added layer of protection while on vacation.

Summer Travel Tip #6

Stock the pantry before you return from vacation

After a long day of travel, no one wants to have to make a grocery run when they get home. With In-Garage Delivery you can skip the trip to the grocery store and have everything delivered to your garage, where they will be waiting for you. You can even watch the delivery take place in real-time through the myQ app.

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