Security Measures Residents Want in Rental Apartments

October 20, 2022

How smart access controls provide a smarter way to keep residents safe

Safety and security often drive the decision of whether a tenant will renew their rental lease. In fact, research shows that after location, safety is the most important consideration when residents are deciding on a rental property. This means that to attract and keep residents, properties must be up to date with security technology.

But because every property is different, there is no one standard security approach. Location, property size, plans for future growth and budget are considerations that contribute to a resident’s peace of mind.

To successfully create a safe environment, property owners and managers must have confidence in their access entry control solution. And that starts with smart solutions that minimize community risk and keep managers connected to what’s happening on-site, even while remote. Smart access control systems combine a variety of advanced safety and convenience features that allow efficient around-the-clock entry monitoring, streamlined workflows, a modern resident living experience and more.

Smart access controls also provide benefits to residents that a lot of other security measures do not: They give residents more control of who can enter their home and the sense that their community LiftMaster powered by myQ smartphone app. is safer and secure. With a connected smartphone app that gives visual and audio confirmation of who’s at the door, tenants can control building entry from the smartphone in their pocket from anywhere.

In addition to increased security, smart access controls also provide a solution to two other major resident considerations:

Connectivity. For residents, integration is key. No one wants to remember several passcodes for different entry points, nor jump through hoops to schedule a visitor pass. With smart access controls, tenants can give virtual guest passes to recurring or one-time visitors with trackable codes.

Convenience. The ability to remotely manage and control entry for everything from package deliveries to letting the cleaner in is what residents, LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom streamlines deliveriesparticularly Millennials, expect.  And research shows that they’re willing to pay for more it.

Smart access technology delivers an extra layer of security control and convenience. This gives residents confidence that the property management team is using the best tools possible to keep the property safe. And as any building owner or community manager knows, residents who feel safe also feel happy about the place they live.



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Guide to Improving Building Security

Smart access control systems combine a variety of advanced safety and convenience features that allow efficient around-the-clock entry monitoring, streamlined workflows and a smartphone app for residents to manage guest access, keyless entry and more.

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