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Pet Friendly Tech: 4 Ways myQ Can Help You Be The Best Dog Parent

August 23, 2022

National Dog Day is Friday, August 26th! Get your home ready for your furry friend with pet friendly tech from myQ. Smart home technology and pet friendly tech can make your home more safe, secure and comfortable for your family- including its four-legged members. For the majority of dog parents who feel guilty leaving their best buddies at home (80%), having a connected smart home access ecosystem like myQ can help alleviate some of the stress by keeping your pup fed, safe and entertained while you are away.

Here are some ways that myQ’s pet friendly tech can help you take the best care of your dog:

1. Grant Guess Access for Worry-Free Walkies

Even the best dog parents aren’t always going to be at home to take Fido out for that extra walk. You can easily share garage access with a dog walker through the guest feature in the myQ app. No need to provide keys or codes. With a Secure View garage door opener with built-in camera or a free-standing Smart Garage Camera, you can even greet your pup as they return home from their afternoon stroll.

2. Let Your Pup Out for Potty and Play While You’re Away

The myQ Pet Portal is a must-have smart home pupgrade. The ultimate pet-friendly tech, the portal was designed with security and pet safety in mind. This smart doggie door allows pet parents to safely let their pup out to potty and play when they’re away. The best part about the myQ Pet Portal is that you have access to your furry friend anytime through your smartphone via the myQ Pet Portal app.

3. Provide Chow and Treats on Demand

Pamper your pup by having treats, toys and whatever else they need delivered directly inside your garage with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. Just link Amazon Key in the myQ app and select “FREE Key Delivery” at checkout for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries of everything you need to spoil your dog. You can even watch the delivery take place in real-time through the myQ app (the MOST pet friendly tech!)

4. Help Your “Guard Dog” Rest Easy Knowing Your Home is Secure with pet friendly tech

Whether your dog spends his time “protecting” the house from every squirrel that walks past or is more concerned with getting their daily eighteen hours of sleep than being on guard duty, give your fearless friend a break and let myQ do the work. With the pet friendly tech of the myQ app, you can control, secure and monitor all your myQ connected entry points, and make sure that the garage door is down, the home is secure, and that your pup is safe, anytime from anywhere.

Happy National Dog Day from your friends at myQ!

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