PART 3: Chamberlain Group’s Automotive Business Unit Moves Closer to Folding Into Driver’s Digital Lifestyle

April 7, 2019

By Oddy Khamharn

Sr. Director of Automotive Sales and Product Planning at Chamberlain Group

From “Mass Customization and Seamless Connectivity” (Part 1) to Software-Centric OEM Opportunities” (Part 2), the shift is underway, but it won’t be an overnight slam dunk. However, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that have partnered with Chamberlain Group’s Automotive Business Unit is already in transition to offering a more seamless, software-centric driver experience through myQ® Connected Garage Access solutions. When we entered the automotive connectivity landscape, Chamberlain Group’s primary objective was to provide technology that could give drivers more control over their digital life from the vehicle. To do this, we built a cloud-based software solution that gives drivers new levels of information and control as well as OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers smart tech to make the jump now. Because consumers expect innovation now.

We’ve been thinking beyond an individual sensor or screen and we approach the driving experience (and the bridge between car and home) as untapped potential for connectivity and personalized, digital integration. Taking cloud-based, vehicle-to-home connectivity to the next level, myQ Connected Garage Access is an in-vehicle software solution that connects the vehicle to the myQ Cloud. Driver-centric HMI provides safe, intelligent, and convenient garage door opener, gate operator, and smart home control from anywhere.

Our proven cloud-based tech provides OEM partners and collaborators best-in-class vehicle-to-garage connectivity as part of the application. It’s malleable and flexible to fit within OEM’s system architecture via restful API integration, giving them the ability to customize and control each feature within their vehicle intuitively and undetected.

  • myQ Connected Garage Access advanced credentialing allows the driver to customize their garage control experience and have those credentials move from vehicle-to-vehicle. We’ve even eliminated the need to manually program vehicles to the garage door openers on supported hardware. Imagine buying a new car and never having to program your garage door opener again.
  • myQ Connected Garage Access is the only software that identifies the state of the garage door (open or closed) and whether a vehicle is in the garage through our Intelligent Door State™ monitoring. For consumers who prefer to remote start their car, our system serves as a safeguard that intuitively removes the risk of a user accidentally remote starting their vehicle with the garage door still closed.
  • Intelligent geofencing to create a seamless experience for the driver, allowing the vehicle’s location to automatically closer or open the garage door when leaving or arriving the home.

Eventually hardware as we know it will fade away and just like we all remember manually rolling up our windows, we will one day share fond memories of radio knobs and smooth, coated navigation buttons. But right now, hardware and software coexist and as the automotive industry continues in this race to seamless connectivity and begins its software-centric transformation, we all must remember that along for this ride, (and in reality sitting in the driver’s seat) is the consumer who will need time, education, trial and error in adjusting to the newest in-vehicle features we can dream of.


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