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Top 5 Reasons You Need a myQ Smart Garage Camera

May 6, 2022

1.Keep eyes on your prize

Whether you’re a yard-core dad that treats his riding mower as the crown jewel or a gearhead who keeps his dream car tucked away in the garage, you can keep your eye on your prized possessions right from the myQ app – anytime, from anywhere.

2. Don’t leave anyone behind

You’ve been through the checklist – sunscreen, sunglasses, swim towels, but you still have that nagging feeling you forgot something. As you drive to opening day at the pool, your myQ app comes to the rescue when it alerts you of motion detected in the garage. It’s easy to forget something, or someone (oops!), but myQ can keep you in check

3. Impress your neighbors

There’s a lot to remember each day as you head out the door, you often worry you left the garage door open. Show your next-door neighbor you have everything under control when you no longer have to send him a daily text asking if you left the garage door open. You can get peace of mind by seeing your home is secure with your myQ app.

4. Relax more

Spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the great outdoors by having your Memorial Day goodies delivered straight to your garage. Even if you’re at the pool you’ll be able to see when your treats arrive.

5. Don’t burn the brats

There’s nothing you hate more than getting interrupted while you’re mastering the grill. Keep grilling while you tell your neighbor through the myQ app exactly where to find the ladder he asked to borrow.


Visit to learn more about the myQ Smart Garage Camera.

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