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How to Get Your Garage Game Day Ready with myQ

September 26, 2022

Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves and, most importantly, football! If you are planning to host a game day celebration, a smart home access ecosystem like myQ can help.

Here are some ways that myQ can help you get ready for game day:

1.Make Room for Fun:

If you need a large space to host your fellow fans, look no further than your own garage. The garage is often one of the largest and most versatile rooms in the home and can be transformed into the ultimate party space. A myQ Connected wall mount garage door opener like the LiftMaster 8500W will help you clear clutter and optimize space within your garage since it mounts alongside the garage door rather than on the ceiling, creating additional storage, and more room for big screens, seating and snacks. Check out how John Garbarino turned his garage into a neighborhood bar perfect for game day here.

2.Choose Your Team with myQ Guest Access:  

Need to have a repair man in before the big game? Friends arriving early while you finish last minute errands before kick-off? No problem! You can easily share full access with members of your household or limited access with a guest or repair person through the guest feature in the myQ app. No need to share keys or codes.

3.Play Ref With Instant Replay:

Where did all the chips and dip go? If you have a myQ smart garage door opener with a built-in camera or a free-standing Smart Garage Camera you can watch live streaming video or recorded events and catch the queso loving culprits on camera. With a myQ Video Storage Subscription store, save and share video clips for up-to 30 days.

4.Have a Football Feast:

No need to run to the store for all your game day goodies. With In-Garage Grocery Delivery you can order everything you need to make a tail-gate worthy spread delivered to your garage. With in-garage delivery, you don’t have to reorganize your day or worry about groceries being left out in the elements. Groceries are securely delivered to the garage where they stay until you are free to get them. You can even watch the delivery take place in real-time through the myQ app.

5.Let myQ Play Defense:

Stay up too late watching the night game and can’t remember whether you shut the garage door before heading to bed? You don’t need to drag yourself out of bed and check the door for peace of mind. The myQ app lets you set alerts that let you know that the garage wasn’t left open by mistake. You can also set a schedule for your garage door to close or front door to lock at a certain time everyday so you can rest easy knowing your home’s main entry points are secure.


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