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DADS: 5 Great Reasons You Need myQ

1. Guard the #GarageFridge

Keep your beer snob buddy from snagging the last $10 Trappist beer at the backyard BBQ. Put the kibosh on the situation with a quickness with a myQ Smart Garage Camera and 2-way audio communication.

teen coming in late

2. Catch Curfew Misses

The lure of summer parties and outdoor activities are bound to tempt even the best-behaved teen into staying out just an hour past curfew. No biggie, Dad! Catch them in the act with alerts for motion detection and livestreaming video in the myQ app so you can explain why it is a big biggie over breakfast the next morning.

check myQ on the golf course
3. Less Time Waiting, More Time Golfing

Need to let the neighbor in to retrieve a ladder or mower? Waiting on a family member to bring your kids back from the zoo? Is a plumber coming to fix a leak in the washing machine? Don’t wait around – give them access right from the 9th hole via the myQ app. Get back to your swing before your garage door is even finished opening.

Amazon driver delivering packages into a myQ enabled garage using Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery for Prime Members

4. Gift Yourself

You are likely to get a homemade macaroni necklace or an acrostic poem this Father’s Day. It’s just how the kiddos roll. While those gifts will OBVIOUSLY become precious possessions, why not treat yourself to something off your wish list? You can have it delivered safely into your garage while you’re out at Father’s Day brunch by using Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery.

using a myQ Video Storage subscription to find out who dinged your car
5. Solve the Mystery of Who Dinged the Car

Is there a scratch on the drivers’ side door of the family car that just happens to match a paint smudge on the garage door rail?? Finding out who dinged the car doesn’t have to be like an episode of your favorite serial forensic crime drama. Catch a clip of the culprit the exact moment it happened with a myQ Video Storage Subscription. Store, save and share video clips for up-to 30 days.

…PLOT TWIST, it was you all along who dinged the car! Dun-dun-DUNNNN!

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