A Security and Safety Roadmap for Property Owners and Community Managers

February 4, 2022

Keeping Your Residents Safe and Your Property Secure is a Big Job 

Talk about a lot of moving parts. There’s so much to keep track of in real estate management.

There’s the business part: Collecting payments, screening applicants, and running the office — often with fewer staffers on site.

Then, there’s the people part. Onboarding new residents, removing credentials for departing tenants and making sure that you’re offering the digital amenities that people now expect.

Touchless Smart Access Controls Are in Demand

Shag carpets used to be a must-have thing. Now they’re not. In-unit washer and dryers were a luxury that made it possible for property owners and managers to charge premium prices. Not anymore.

Millennials and Gen Zs are digital natives. They run their lives with smartphone apps. Everything from asking Siri to open the front door when you’re carrying grocery bags to seeing video of who’s at the door — without leaving the couch.

Resident Safety and Security Is a Top Priority for Property Owners and Managers 

Trends come and go. Expectations change. But one thing remains the same. The community must be a safe place for residents. The best way to make sure that your property is free of hazards is to conduct a regularly scheduled review of the grounds and the common areas. We can help you with that. Here’s a Security and Safety Roadmap with helpful tips and a checklist to simplify the review process.

We hope you found the roadmap useful. If you are interested in further resources, please explore the myQ® Community Resource Center or our Smart Community Access Solutions page.


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